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Recent Projects

Stormy Weather: Tornado and Avalanche
by Bret Fetzer & Juliet Waller Pruzan

Interart Theatre, NYC, NY

New York City Premiere - Two one act comedic fables about the most dangerous of all natural disasters: Love. In Tornado a young girl's show and tell presentation explains how her parents met and fell in love through the divine (if you believe in such things) intervention of a pair of tornadoes. Avalanche takes us to the alpine village of Bodenlos, where an unrequited love trapezoid threatens the entire population with the inundation of a snowy death!

Picture Gallery

Doctor Faustus (1604) - Staged Reading
by Christopher Marlowe

ShakespeareNYC, NYC, NY

Part of ShakespeareNYC's Lead Up to Lear reading series.  A gifted man, desparate for attention falls to Lucifer when God won't offer him salvation personally.

Is The Price Right?
by Drew Dir

JKB Studio Theatre, Saratoga Springs, NY

World Premiere - What if you discovered that the mistakes you've made in your life eminate from the functions of your brain and that you could go back and try again? Would you? What if it doesn't make a difference?

True West
by Sam Shepard

The Sackett Group

Austin and Lee - opposite yet inseperable, like two sides of a coin. Their desperate attempt to complete themselves by succeeding in the other's world results in chaos and destruction - like matter meeting anti-matter.

Walk in Darkness
by Marcus Steinour

The Theatre Studio, Inc./Playtime Series

World Premier - The dark story of a young woman and her overbearing mother living in a factory town in post-Word War II Pennsylvania. As the daughter fights for her independence, she discovers the horrible truth about her father's death.